Episode #12 – Interview with Ian Olney: Euro Horror Special

Episode #12
Join us in welcoming Ian Olney, Associate Professor of English at York College, to That’s a Wrap this week to discuss a particular brand of horror that many (even fans of the genre) are unfamiliar with: Euro Horror.  Ian discusses the origins of this movement in Europe, it’s key characteristics, major films and lack of scholarly attention.  Professor Olney’s book, Euro Horror: Classic European Horror Cinema in Contemporary American Culture,  is an utterly fascinating and highly significant contribution to the field.  Our own Nick Schlegel, also well-versed on the subject, joins Ian, Erik and Chris in a full-bodied exploration into all things Euro Horror.  With autumn closing in, you’ll not want to miss this Spook-tacular edition of That’s a Wrap!  A special episode for Nick as Ian’s work served as inspiration for his own forthcoming volume on Spanish Horror.

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Written on September 18, 2013