Episode #19 – Her and HBO’s True Detective

Episode #19


Join us as we share our thoughts,
criticisms and general reactions to this
year’s Oscar winner for Best Original
Screenplay Her.  Very much a topical film
that addresses many “here and now” issues
and technologies (although it’s set in a near
future), Spike Jonez’s film generates a lot
of pathos from its main characters and calls
into question the very nature of relationships.
How are they defined? Refined? Built?
Dismantled?  Her seems to have impressed the
That’s A Wrap guys an awful lot.


td In our second segment we take a look at HBO’s fascinating police procedural, True Detective.  Starring recent Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey and Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson, has HBO fashioned a thinking man’s serial-killer police-procedural or an amateurish existential hodgepodge of Wooderson philosophy?  Hmm, perhaps both?


Emily Nussbaum article.

The one literary reference must know to appreciate True Detective.

Is True Detective too clever?

Interview with director Cary Fukunaga.

Written on March 5, 2014