Episode #22 – The Wild, Wonderful World of Wes Anderson

Episode # 22

grand budapestIn this episode, the guys, along with guest panelist, Dr. Lara Hrycaj (who attended graduate school with the guys), discuss one of the more polarizing figures in modern cinema, Wes Anderson, director of Bottle Rocket, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou _and the recent _The Grand Budapest Hotel. We discuss Anderson’s complete oeuvre as well as his influences, contemporaries and his lesser-known commercial work.


Article on Anderson’s television ads.

Another link to Anderson’s commercials.

Article from the NY Film Festival with video in which Anderson and Tenebaums discuss working with Hackman

Dr. Lara Hrycaj’s Dissertation on Music in the Film’s of Wes Anderson.

Book from Macmillan on the film’s of Wes Anderson (in which Dr. Hrycaj has a chapter)

Macmillan website on the book


Written on May 19, 2014