Episode #36 – Jurassic World & Jaws: 40th Anniversary.

**Episode # 36

That’s a Wrap presents its Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza!

For their 36th episode the lads tackle 2015’s runaway summer juggernaut Jurassic World.  An exciting and insightful look at the franchise and its latest (record breaking) entry await you!  In the second segment, we perform our own “half-assed autopsy” on the original summer blockbuster, 1975’s JAWS.  From a historical standpoint, JAWS is likely the most “important” film of the 1970s and at 40 is still terrorizing beach patrons all over the world.

Additional Announcement:
Book Cover hi-resCo-host Nicholas Schlegel’s book: Sex, Sadism, Spain, and Cinema: The Spanish Horror Film has been released.

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SNL Richard Dreyfuss “I was in JAWS!” 


*Jaws tribute poster by Kris Kirven

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Written on July 6, 2015