Episode #37 – The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Netflix’s Daredevil

**Episode # 37

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe & Netflix’s Daredevil

For Episode #37, Erik, Nick and Chris tackle the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the Netflix streaming series, Daredevil. The guys give a brief history of the superhero genre from the eighties up to the present including commenting on the (somewhat controversial) acquisition of the Marvel brand by The Walt Disney Company in 2009. Netflix’s Daredevil has become a surprise hit (and better received than the 2003 film), and the guys spend some time exploring the details of superheroes served up weekly. This will be a great episode with some (perhaps) very surprising opinions and comments!



Review of Nick’s Book at Turner Classic Movies

Interview with Nick on Erik’s WET Podcast

Wikipedia article on the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring a helpful chart

Article from the Guardian (UK) by Alan Moore on the “cultural catastrophe” of superhero movies

Article from the Guardian (UK) regarding Disney’s Marvel acquisition

How Marvel is killing the popcorn movie



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Written on July 22, 2015