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Episode #45 – The Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller

Episode #45


Erik and Nick  had the pleasure of recently talking to Eddie Muller, the Czar of Noir. Erik met Eddie at a Noir City event at the Redford Theatre in Metro Detroit. Our discussion touches on film noir as a genre, including the views of Andrew Sarris and Paul Schrader,

Our discussion also covers the following topics:

  • Film noir as a genre
  • Auteur theory and looking at noir from the perspective of the producer
  • The views of Andrew Sarris and Paul Schrader and their influence on how we think about film noir
  • The Production Code
  • Many different films, including 99 River Street, The Devil Thumbs a Ride, Cry Danger, Cry of the City,  Woman on the Run, Larceny, Moonrise, Sign of the Ram
  • Ann Sheridan, Evelyn Keyes, Jean Porter, Norman Foster, Victor Mature, Jane Greer
  • Licensing issues
  • Film restoration
  • Generating interest among younger viewers
  • And lastly, Eddie tells us an interesting story about Rose McGowan

We hope you enjoy!




Encore presentation of Episode #4


We are replaying our interview with David J. Hogan from May 2013 in anticipation of our next episode, an interview with Eddie Muller. We thought it would be nice to have these back-to-back in the feed so you can get your film noir fix all at once. Enjoy!

Episode #43 Part II – Coen Brothers continued

Episode #43 – Part II

Photo from The Telegraph

Here’s Part II of our discussion of the Coen Brothers. We had some lost audio in the first part, and this is that audio.

In Part I, we do pickups, talk about Hail Caesar for almost an hour, and get into about 17 minutes of a discussion of the Coen Brothers in general.

In Part II, we continue the discussion. If you missed the beginning of the discussion, go back and listen to Part I. (If you don’t care about or don’t want to listen to a discussion of Hail Caesar, skip ahead to 51 minutes.)

We also talk a lot about Woody Allen, and Erik tries to compare the Coens to Jean-Luc Godard as a contrast to Francois Truffaut.

Near the end, we also discuss teaching the Coen Brothers.

Fresh Air with Coen Bros – Nick was pissed off about this interview because he feels the Coens unfairly maligned the original True Grit. What do you think?

Hear our full discussion of Woody Allen from 2013.


8 Oscars Mini-Episodes

Here’s a playlist of all 8 of our mini-episodes, where we weigh  in on the Best Picture nominees for the 2016 Oscars: