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Episode #21 – Errol Morris/The Unknown Known and The Act of Killing

Episode #21
Unknown Known poster

It’s documentary time here at That’s A Wrap! We finally talk about Errol Morris, framing the discussion around his latest film, The Unknown Known (Watch Now on Amazon While It’s in Theaters). In Segment 2, we talk about Joshua Oppenhimer’s chilling Oscar-nominated film The Act of Killing.


Errol Morris’s article about The Act of Killing 

 Errol Morris’s writing for the NY Times, including some reflections about the latest movie. 

The Act of Killing on Netflix

Also streaming on Netflix:  The Thin Blue Line | Tabloid | Vernon, Florida 


Episode #17 – Film Theory: FTW or WTF?

Episode #17

We have a rather sprawling discussion of film theory, reminiscing about graduate school and the process of grappling with difficult writing. Toward the end, Erik starts talking about fiction that does the work of film theory (Amazon affiliate links to most of the books appear below).

Links mentioned:

Auction site for movie memorabilia:

A recent purchase from Nick at their website:

1964 - Pink Panther 1/2 Sheet Unfolded.
1964 – Pink Panther 1/2 Sheet Unfolded.

Film Theory and Criticism by Braudy and Cohen

Connected by Steven Shaviro






Episode #16 – The Canyons

Episode #16


In their year-ending episode, Erik, Nick and Chris discuss Paul Schrader’s The Canyons from every possible angle. The film polarized critics yet was appreciated by scholars and cinephiles. In segment 2, the guys discuss their favorite episodes and moments over the maiden year of the podcast.

Finally, Erik Marshall, Nicholas Schlegel and Christopher Gullen would like to thank our loyal listeners for all of the support during this first year and wish you all the warmest of holidays and happiest new year.


Article on Soderbergh’s offer to edit The Canyons.

Nick Pinkerton’s review of The Canyons from

NYT Magazine article on casting LL in The Canyons

The New Yorker piece on The Canyons

Article in the Huffington Post on Schrader’s disappointment with Lohan’s lack of enthusiasm for promoting The Canyons

Bret Easton Ellis’ Podcast

Gilligan’s Island “You Need Us” by the Honeybees

Episode #11 – Woody Allen/Blue Jasmine

Episode #11

In this episode we talk about the career of Woody Allen, including his new film Blue Jasmine.


We each choose a favorite film as well films we think someone new to Woody Allen should watch. After stipulating that Annie Hall is the ideal entry point, we came up with second movies for newbies to watch.

Our picks:

Nick – Favorite film: Mighty Aphrodite; film for newbies: Crimes and Misdemeanors

Chris: Favorite film: Purple Rose of Cairo; film for newbies: Everyone Says I Love You 

Erik: Favorite film: Husbands and Wives; film for newbies: Midnight in Paris

Links mentioned:

Podcore Nerdcast


Molly Laich’s film reviews

The Projection Booth



Episode #8 – State of Cinema

Episode #8

Best Picture 1976, ROCKY. Timeless simplicity.
Best Picture 1976, ROCKY. Timeless simplicity.

Do you recall the days when spectacle-driven “event” cinema was the exception, not the rule?  Mid and low-concept minded films have been an endangered species over the years… This is not to say that we don’t have films to counter this increasingly stupid strategy (Erik and I just went and saw, and podcasted about, Before Midnight), but this approach from studios has prompted very vocal (and negative) responses from George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Steven Soderbergh (among others).  And, this is the focus of That’s a Wrap #8: The Current State and Future of Cinema.  It pairs nicely with a robust but elegant little podcast – Chateau “That’s a Wrap #2, vintage 2013” (On Demand Culture).

Links mentioned:

Noam Chomsky talk at University of Michigan

Chomsky slams Zizek and Lacan

Steven Soderbergh’s talk.

Spielberg and Lucas talk about the future of cinema

List of top films by decade.

Zach Braff’s kickstarter

Braff talks about Kickstarter campaign on KCRW

Youtube video of Soderbergh talk

Episode #7: Star Trek with Mark Clark

Episode #7

MarkIn episode seven, we talk to Mark Clark, author of Star Trek FAQ 2.0: Everything Left to Know About The Next Generation, the Movies, and Beyond (Unofficial and Unauthorized), about his books and about the Trek universe in general.

This is also our first completely clean episode. No “F” words or anything else. Don’t get used to it, though.

Links mentioned:

Mark’s blog post about Star Trek: Into Darkness.

“Honest Trailers” Star Trek trailer.


That’s A Wrap! Episode #1

Episode #1

Our first podcast was recorded this weekend. There were a few technical difficulties (we are still learning) but we are upgrading our equipment and expect far less snags with our next show. Nevertheless, the show came together seamlessly and we anticipate years of happy and full episodes with our upcoming guests.

PerksOur fist show is dedicated to Nick’s fierce advocacy of 2012′s The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Nick takes the lead and lays out his argument as to why he feels this is such a profound piece of filmmaking & further–why he had such an intense reaction and connection to it. Erik and Chris lend their comments, critique and reactions to his analysis and then come to offer their own. Where do they come down on their verdict? Tune in!

After a brief interlude, we begin our second segment in which we discuss Roger and debate the career of film journalism’s most famous film critic, the late Roger Ebert of The Chicago Sun Times.  Join us here at the Wrap Party after each episode for links, drinks and fun!


Links mentioned:

The Ecstasy of Filmmaker Werner Herzog

Jurassic Park 3D

Why 3D Doesn’t Work and Never Will. Case Closed.

The Tree of Life

Chicago Reader: Ebert Off Camera