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Episode #15 – Roundtable Discussion with The Projection Booth

Episode #15

First Horror Film
“He goes home, back to the cave. The first thing he does, he does a drawing of the mammoth. And he thinks, ‘ Boom! The first monster movie.”

In this special episode, Erik, Nick and Chris have a roundtable with Mike White and Rob St. Mary, hosts of the fantastic The Projection Booth podcast. The guys all discuss the question on whether or not film is still relevant. Over the last decade, technological, social, economic and aesthetic changes have forced filmmakers, studios, audiences, critics and scholars to address not only how cinema as an art form has been altered (especially with regards to its consumption), but how it remains germane in society’s collective conscious. No other art form has the potential to touch us in the same manner as cinema so the discussion is both timely and engaging.


The Projection Booth podcast

Why Does Film Matter? – a pdf from Intellect Publishing that helped guide our discussion and gives perspectives from important writers and filmmakers on this topic.

Steven Soderberg’s Impassioned Plea for Common Sense in the Industry: 

Episode #14 – MPAA ratings/This Film is Not Yet Rated and Foreign Films to Watch

Episode #14

MPAAIn Segment One of this epsiode, Erik, Nick and Chris talk about the MPAA ratings system, and specifically the film This Film is Not Yet Rated directed by Kirby Dick. The film (and our discussion) focuses heavily on the rather uneven and mysterious ratings criteria for Hollywood films and the fact that the MPAA seems to give all manner of violence a free pass while heavily censoring sexual content or assigning the dreaded NC-17 rating. They also mentioned a recent episode of the NPR program Here and Now that addressed the changing nature of the PG-13 rating.

In Segment Two, the guys give their recommendations of notable foreign films that listeners should check out. Chris talks about the Indian Bollywood film Taal; Nick discusses the Irish film Hear My Song; and Eric suggests the Norwegian film, Headhunters.

Enjoy the episode and, as usual, we love comments and reviews (at iTunes).


Here and Now episode on the PG-13 rating 

Scarecrow Press 2013 Film Catalog:

Erik’s review of the Amazon Pilots:

Netflixed: The Epic Battle for America’s Eyeballs

Nick’s Pick:

Hear my song:

Ebert’s review of it:

Chris’s Pick


An article (and website) giving an overview and more links to learning about Bollywood films:

Erik’s pick





That’s right, these two titans of podcasting (well, The Projection Booth at any rate) come together for one massive ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION on… (drum roll please….) WHY FILM MATTERS! 

Join us for a LIVE discussion.  Chime in LIVE with your questions or comments via Twitter, Facebook or The Live Youtube Feed!

And Remember, Gentlemen please, there’s no fighting in the war room…”



Nicholas Schlegel Interviewed on The Projection Booth

Picture 5Our very own Nicholas Schlegel was honored to  join Mike White and Rob St. Mary over at their amazing (you need to be listening!) podcast The Projection Booth.  The episode is streaming and ready for download at their website, at iTunes and Stitcher.

Nick broadly discusses the Spanish horror boom experienced in Spain from roughly around 1968-77 (the boom years for production).  Later, they discuss the very brilliant Narciso Ibáñez Serrador’s ¿Quién puede matar a un niño? (AKA Who Can Kill A Child?) and its 2012 remake Come Out and Play.

We invite you to listen and subscribe to our good friends at The Projection Booth (clearly one of the greatest cinema-based podcasts on the planet).  In fact, That’s a Wrap and The Projection Booth are joining forces for an upcoming podcast “Roundtable” on the state of cinema and WHY FILM MATTERS.  Coming soon!

Gravity (2013) – A “That’s a Wrap” Special Episode

Supplemental Episode

“Gravity shows us the glory of cinema’s future” – Richard Corliss / TIME

Erik and Nick were impressed by Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.  In fact, they’ve dedicated a supplemental episode between shows 13 and 14 to this box-office monster and critical darling.  In many ways, Gravity presents a possible model or methodology that Hollywood could and should take seriously.  The film’s narrative simplicity – with its focus on character, location and behavior coupled with special effects that serve the story (while enhancing it simultaneously) are the perfect recipe for box-office magic.  This approach has also yielded critical favor and killer word-of-mouth (particularly when seen in IMAX 3D). Please join us for this special episode of That’s a Wrap – GRAVITY.

Episode #13 – 007 James Bond Special & Skyfall Revisited

Episode #13

Note:  We had severe audio difficulties that were unknown to us until we were in post.  As a result, we have had to makes some edits to the content.  We sincerely apologize for this calamity and are taking measures to ensure that this does not happen again.


2012 marked the 50th Anniversary of James Bond on Film.  Join Erik, Nick and Chris they discuss all things Bond: the legacy and continuing relevance of this famed literary and cinematic character.  As a lifelong Bond fanatic, I (Nick) am very proud of our discussion (audio warts and all) and our discussion of last year’s spectacular SKYFALL.  Cue Bond Theme – play us out Monty…

Links mentioned:

Bond at 50 (SFX series – impeccable retrospective)

James Burlingame’s book on Music in Bond films

One of the Bond theme song compilation albums

Alamo Drafthouse Phone Message Video

Articles mentioned in Segment 2 on Audiences in the theater:

Audiences in Horror Films

From Russia with Love isn’t unsophisticated. You are.

Episode #12 – Interview with Ian Olney: Euro Horror Special

Episode #12
Join us in welcoming Ian Olney, Associate Professor of English at York College, to That’s a Wrap this week to discuss a particular brand of horror that many (even fans of the genre) are unfamiliar with: Euro Horror.  Ian discusses the origins of this movement in Europe, it’s key characteristics, major films and lack of scholarly attention.  Professor Olney’s book, Euro Horror: Classic European Horror Cinema in Contemporary American Culture,  is an utterly fascinating and highly significant contribution to the field.  Our own Nick Schlegel, also well-versed on the subject, joins Ian, Erik and Chris in a full-bodied exploration into all things Euro Horror.  With autumn closing in, you’ll not want to miss this Spook-tacular edition of That’s a Wrap!  A special episode for Nick as Ian’s work served as inspiration for his own forthcoming volume on Spanish Horror.

Buy the book!

Links Mentioned:
Director: Narciso Ibañez Serrador

Episode #11 – Woody Allen/Blue Jasmine

Episode #11

In this episode we talk about the career of Woody Allen, including his new film Blue Jasmine.


We each choose a favorite film as well films we think someone new to Woody Allen should watch. After stipulating that Annie Hall is the ideal entry point, we came up with second movies for newbies to watch.

Our picks:

Nick – Favorite film: Mighty Aphrodite; film for newbies: Crimes and Misdemeanors

Chris: Favorite film: Purple Rose of Cairo; film for newbies: Everyone Says I Love You 

Erik: Favorite film: Husbands and Wives; film for newbies: Midnight in Paris

Links mentioned:

Podcore Nerdcast


Molly Laich’s film reviews

The Projection Booth



Episode #10 – Special Guest: Robert Burgoyne

Episode #10


Our RATINGSPALOOZA podcast drops today with our very special guest, Robert Burgoyne, Chair of the Department of Film Studies at St. Andrews, Scotland. Bob’s work centers on historiography and film, with a special emphasis on American cinema, history and national identity, and the counter narratives of nation that have emerged in many films.  Recent books include Film Nation: Hollywood Looks at U. S. History: Revised and Expanded Edition and The Epic Film in World Culture.

Join us as we welcome Bob to the podcast Film Nationand discuss his background, current research, his reflections on teaching film over several decades, the differences between pursuing advanced film studies degrees in Europe and the U.S. and the state of cinema and cinema affairs.  We also discuss Bob’s fascinating take on Zero Dark Thirty for an article he has recently undertaken.  Be sure to drop us a review on iTunes today for our RATINGSPALOOZA extravaganza! 



Episode #9 – Back To School: Teaching Film & Man of Steel

Episode #9


We explore two lengthy topics in our 9th episode of That’s a Wrap!  Principal photography begins with part one of a two-part series on film pedagogy.  Erik, Nick and Chris discuss their various approaches to teaching film in past years, today and well into the future.  They discuss, among other things, the importance of visual literacy when navigating today’s media environment, how an understanding and appreciation of film history benefits an education and how unbridled enthusiasm goes a long way in generating student interest in films outside of their traditional comfort zones.  Part two will drop in a few months.

In segment two (starting at 1:08), Erik and Nick discuss and debate their reactions to Zach Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel. To be sure, they each had different reactions!  Tune in to see which side of the debate you fall on!


 And, as mentioned in the show’s Pick Ups, Nick’s current project of framing his 3×5 autographs with their respective 8x10s inaugurated with Stefanie Powers. So, here’s Stefanie!


[NOTE: We had an error with the audio file this week, which is now fixed. If you listen on the site, it’s not problem, but if you downloaded it on iTunes prior to 8/11/13 at 4pm, you will have to do the following to get the full episode:

Simply delete the corrupted episode in iTunes. The episode is no longer listed. Then click the arrow to close the listing of this podcast. Click the arrow again now to expand it while holding the shift key. Then all the deleted episodes are listed and you can download it a second time. Sorry for any inconvenience.]

Links Mentioned:

AFI’s Discussion of why KANE tops their list again and again…

Un chien andalou

Un Chien Andalou from razielle Φ on Vimeo.