Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Actually, some of these have probably never been asked, but they might be some day. So.

Who are you?

We are three film professors, working at different places, who have a passion for and vast knowledge of film and other media. We are:

Erik Marshall ( blog   @emarsh)
Nicholas Schlegel (blog   @DoctorSchlegel)

Chris Gullen

What is this?

This is a website for a film podcast called That’s a Wrap!

 A podcast? What’s that?

It’s like a radio show, but on the internet, and you can listen whenever you want.  A podcast is ideally suited for driving, walking, cycling, jogging, cooking and other recreational activities.

How often do you post episodes?

Roughly every-other-week.

How do I listen?

You have many easy options to listen to this podcast.

You can:

If you really have a problem figuring out how to listen, drop us a line and we will help you.

There are a zillion film podcasts out there. Why should I listen to That’s a Wrap?

We go beyond the usual thumb-up/thumbs-down opinion-based crap and give a more insightful, thoughtful take on the films, tv shows, and other media we talk about, without being too esoteric or unreachable. We draw not only on a love for media, but also on decades of education, writing and teaching on the subject. Plus, we’re fun.

How can I get ahold of you to comment on episodes, suggest future topics or interviews, or just tell you how much I love you?

You have many options. You can comment on the appropriate post on the shownotes. You can join us on our Facebook page. You can tweet us at @wrappodcast. Our individual email addresses are not that hard to find either.