Episode #3 – The Top 5 TV Shows of the New Millenium and The Keanu Reeves Documentary: “Side by Side”

Episode #3

CLASSIC_TVRCA introduced television to the American public at the 1939 World’s Fair.  Since then, Philo Taylor Farnsworth’s invention has been invading homes (in every room imaginable and now, for some reason, refrigerator doors?) waiting rooms, bars, gas station pumps, and even above urinals…you name it.  Television is, quite simply, ubiquitous.  This ubiquity endowed TV with the power to unite us and also to bind common interests to vast television audiences. Whether it was watching Walter Cronkite announce that our 35th President of the United States had been assassinated, The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, The Apollo 11 Moon Landing, finding out who shot J.R. Ewing, Watching O.J. Simpson being chased by a fleet of cop cars or The September 11th Terroritst Attacks, we stood by by each other and consequently WITH each other as we watched.  


Episode #3 of That’s a Wrap! devotes its first segment to the countdown of Erik, Nick and Chris’ Top 5 Television shows of the 21st Century!  Where do your favorites rate?  Did they make the list or get the fist?  We want to hear from you! Tell us where you think we got it right or where we got it wrong!  Be sure and register your VOTE in our below POLL. Feel free to write in your pick under “Other.”

In segment two, we discuss the recent documentary Side by Side, which frames the debate over digital cinematography versus traditional (photochemical) film. The film’s tagline, “Can film survive our digital future?” is our conversational starting point.  We all really loved this film – the trailer is below! 

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Episode #2 – Special Guest Chuck Tryon, The Streaming Wars and House of Cards

Episode #2

On Demand

The 21st Century has seen dynamic shifts in, and the rapid integration of, streaming Television and movie content via subscription and rental services offered by Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vudu,Youtube, Flixster, et al. Netlfix launched their much-touted political drama House of Cards by releasing (in a bold move) all thirteen episodes simultaneously.  Following closely on the heels of this accomplishment is the forthcoming, and very long-awaited, resurrection of a true cult television phenomenon:  Arrested Development – which drops, in similar bulk fashion – May the 26th.  Episode #2 of “That’s a Wrap” discusses this changing Tele-Visual landscape for the 21st Century and the dynamicArrested-Development-Lucille-640x954 business models that shape it.  Joining us for this exciting discussion is author and professor Chuck Tryon.  We “wrap” about his new book “On-Demand Culture: Digital Delivery and the Future of Movies.”  We discuss the subject from a variety of perspectives and also take some time to register spoiler-free (and then later, spoiler-rich) opinions and critique on the first 13 episodes of House of Cards – which has generally received enthusiastic praise. Have an opinion on Netflix’s Original Series? Drop us a line and let us know!  And lastly, if you have a minute to spare, why not write us a review over at iTunes?

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That’s A Wrap! Episode #1

Episode #1

Our first podcast was recorded this weekend. There were a few technical difficulties (we are still learning) but we are upgrading our equipment and expect far less snags with our next show. Nevertheless, the show came together seamlessly and we anticipate years of happy and full episodes with our upcoming guests.

PerksOur fist show is dedicated to Nick’s fierce advocacy of 2012′s The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Nick takes the lead and lays out his argument as to why he feels this is such a profound piece of filmmaking & further–why he had such an intense reaction and connection to it. Erik and Chris lend their comments, critique and reactions to his analysis and then come to offer their own. Where do they come down on their verdict? Tune in!

After a brief interlude, we begin our second segment in which we discuss Roger and debate the career of film journalism’s most famous film critic, the late Roger Ebert of The Chicago Sun Times.  Join us here at the Wrap Party after each episode for links, drinks and fun!


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Three passionate media scholars debate film, television and pop culture.