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Episode #45 – The Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller

Episode #45


Erik and Nick  had the pleasure of recently talking to Eddie Muller, the Czar of Noir. Erik met Eddie at a Noir City event at the Redford Theatre in Metro Detroit. Our discussion touches on film noir as a genre, including the views of Andrew Sarris and Paul Schrader,

Our discussion also covers the following topics:

  • Film noir as a genre
  • Auteur theory and looking at noir from the perspective of the producer
  • The views of Andrew Sarris and Paul Schrader and their influence on how we think about film noir
  • The Production Code
  • Many different films, including 99 River Street, The Devil Thumbs a Ride, Cry Danger, Cry of the City,  Woman on the Run, Larceny, Moonrise, Sign of the Ram
  • Ann Sheridan, Evelyn Keyes, Jean Porter, Norman Foster, Victor Mature, Jane Greer
  • Licensing issues
  • Film restoration
  • Generating interest among younger viewers
  • And lastly, Eddie tells us an interesting story about Rose McGowan

We hope you enjoy!



Episode #34 – Remakes: Out of the Past & Against All Odds

Episode #34


In this episode, Erik, Nick and Chris introduce a new feature!! Original Films and Their Remakes. They inaugurate with the 1947 film noir classic Out of the Past and its updated version, Against All Odds from 1984.

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Here is the amazon page of Nick’s upcoming book! It will be released in July, 2015.

Here is the music video for Against All Odds by Phil Collins. It was written explicitly for the film and won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance in 1985. It was Collins’ first #1 hit!

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The WET podcast episode where Erik discusses Patreon with Erica Castello

Episode #4 – Film Noir with Special Guest David J. Hogan

Episode #4

That’s a Wrap! proudly welcomes author and historian David J. Hogan to discuss his new book Film Noir FAQ.


In this episode we talk about film noir as a genre, as well as our favorite film and femmes fatales.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We had a small recording problem that will become evident towards the end of the episode. It sounds like Nick and Erik are talking over David, but this is an error in the recording software. Most of it is fixed, and it is still easily listenable; it simply sounds like we are being rude at times, when we are not.

From the Film Noir FAQ description:

Film Noir FAQ celebrates and reappraises some 200 noir thrillers representing 20 years of Hollywoods Golden Age. Noir pulls us close to brutal cops and scheming dames, desperate heist men and hardboiled private eyes, and the unlucky innocent citizens that get in their way. These are exciting movies with tough guys in trench coats and hot tomatoes in form-fitting gowns. The moon is a streetlamp and the narrow streets are prowled by squad cars and long black limousines. Lives are often small but peoples plans are big — sometimes too big. Robbery, murder, gambling; the gun and the fist; the grift and the con game; the hard kiss and the brutal brush-off. Film Noir FAQ brings lively attention to story, mood, themes, and technical detail, plus behind-the-scenes stories of the production of individual films. Featuring numerous stills and postersmany never before published in book formhighlighting key moments of great noir movies. Film Noir FAQ serves up insights into many of the most popular and revered names in Hollywood history, including noirs greatest stars, supporting players, directors, writers, and cinematographers. Pour a Scotch, light up a smoke, and lean back with your private guide to film noir.

jane greer 33
Nick’s Favorite Femme Fatale: Jane Greer